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Snowdonia's mountains more exciting than Alps!

Wales Online's feature covering experienced Alpine climbers reveals a surprise - and that is they no longer think the Swiss or Austrian Alps are a place for serious climbers. The reason they say, is most of the hard core alpine routes have bolts drilled into the rock, making for some fairly easy and safe climbing.

Snowdonia has none of these. Its mountains offer raw, hardcore climbs. Alex Luger from Austria insists climbing in North Wales is more adventurous, “here, there are no bolts so you have to think for yourself. This is climbing the traditional way and it’s harder mentally and physically and much more adventurous...”

Ben Slack from DMM would strongly agree.“The rock here in North Wales is different. It’s special... It’s challenging and nothing like what you experience in mainland Europe.... There are no bolt-ons in our rock faces like you get in Europe. Climbers have to think and tackle blank rock faces themselves."

Let's hope people DON'T start drilling bolts and loops into the rockfaces of Eryri. It wouldnt do.

Mountaineers chase greater thrills in North Wales than the Alps

Link to article: Wales Online


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