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Snowdon Mountain Railway cutting vanishes!

It is often billed in Snowdon Mountain Railway literature the line has just one major cutting, that near Halfway station. This information is somewhat misleading.

When the Snowdon Mountain Railway was first built there were in fact two substantial cuttings, the well known one near Halfway, plus a considerably deeper one of more substantial length, near Clogwyn.

Whilst the Halfway Cutting still survives the Clogwyn one, at Bryn Penllyn near the foot of Cryn Las, above Clogwyn Goch, was gradually removed over a period of approximately seventy years. By the 1980's it had vanished completely.

Looking downhill towards the site of the Clogwyn cutting. Just a piece of flattened terrain is all that remains.

Contemporary view possibly 1920s showing remains of the Clogwyn cutting.

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